Kitchen worktop leg

Kitchen worktop leg

Which worktop leg for a modern kitchen ?

Wooden leg for kitchen worktop at the island is already quite a standard! However, a kitchen worktop can have many heights, and this is mainly determined by the height of the people using the kitchen.

There are several kitchen worktop heights between 80 - 120 cm, all depending on whether your worktop is used as a worktop or a kitchen island with a bar. In both cases, irrespective of the size, the countertop leg has its use, which has a decorative as well as a practical function. In some cases, the legs support the entire worktop to create a table or bar for seating.

We have good news for you! We have created several leg models in a height of 98 cm in such a way that you have the option of cutting the leg to any size you want without affecting the visual aspect.

Kitchen worktop leg - what type of wood to choose?

You have a choice of 3 types of wood: beech, ash and oak. Beech wood is a very good choice for those who will be varnishing with an opaque colour or have a kitchen made of beech wood. The beech leg is resistant to damage compared to pine. Of the aforementioned types of wood available to us, beech is the cheapest option.

Beech and ash wood are more expensive options, but they have a beautiful characteristic grain that can be highlighted by oil or varnish. A wooden leg is a kind of decoration like the icing on the cake in combination with a wooden kitchen or a laminate plate will give a unique character.

Leg for kitchen worktop - Models we have on offer

The good news is that we are constantly expanding our range! Currently, you will find models in:

Leg Marseille Pure 98 cm, Louisa leg 80 cm i Leg Snowman 87 cm.

If you want to see more go to our tab Legs for kitchen worktop

and choose the right model for you!

Watch us and don't miss the new models!

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