Turned legs

Turned legs

Turned table legs - discover the beauty of noble wood

Recently nturned table castors are making quite a splash in the most fashionable settings. However, this is not surprising - such elements are not only characterised by a striking, stylish finish, but above all delight with the natural charm of wood. In our shop you can find turned legsmade of beech wood, as well as oak wood. Do you need ash wood legs? Write to us and we will make them for you. It is worth noting that the wood we use is high-quality, FSC-certified wood. Such a product ensures a beautiful appearance and exceptional durability for years to come. 

Equally importantly, our turned legs are very well polishedThe wood is then ready for further treatment, such as varnishing. When choosing the right preparation, care should be taken to additionally emphasise their original texture - characteristic grain and unique colour differences. 

At the same time, it should be added that the moisture content of the wood used is 8-10%. Each piece is manufactured on professional CNC machines. This ensures a repeatability in shape and height of 1:1. If you dream of a specific design turned legswhich is not available in our range, we will make an individual design for you. This way you will create a furniture styling that is one of a kind!

Turned table legs - choose them to match the character of the interior

Turned table top legsdesigned by our designers, are in a variety of styles. Starting with the Provencal style, going through the English and ending with the retro. Both the Provencal and English styles adore turned legs with decorative outlines. They often resemble the shape of a teardrop, oval, sphere or snowman. Among the decorative forms here are also cylinders, as well as characteristic cuboids with rounded corners.

For a vintage look, on the other hand, there is a natural simplicity, so if you are looking for a style with a subtle retro touch, the following are good choices turned table legs with a conical shape, i.e. tapering towards the bottom. The unpretentious aesthetic of this type of design is highly versatile and will never get old. Tapered table legs look fantastic among minimalist spaces, modern spaces and even those with a Scandinavian touch.

Find the perfect legs turned! Keep in mind not only their appearance, but also the right parameters. The right height proves to be one of the most important aspects in this regard. The dimensions of our products, which are dedicated to table tops, oscillate around 73-74 cm. All of this is done to ensure that the furniture fits perfectly into the current ergonomic principles and is as comfortable as possible for the members of the household. The most standard and at the same time widely recognised table height is 75 cm. As table tops are usually 2 cm thick, the best solution is to choose a turned legs of the amount indicated above.

Looking for other legs? Check out our milled leg collection. Leg collection Louisa is simple and elegant. The collection has different leg sizes, so you can match it with different solids.

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