Table legs

Table legs

What should be the leg height for the table?

A coffee table is a "must have" in every living room, and the right height is conducive to comfortable use, so we will explain to you which size table legs select.

First consider what height your seat is from the sofa. Next, think about what activities you will be doing at the table. Will your coffee table only be used for putting down a cup of coffee? Will you be eating meals at it? Or will the children be colouring in coloring books? Choice of height table legs is not straightforward. From our production experience, we can say that the height is between 46 cm and 58 cm.

In the 1990s all tables or what was then otherwise known as benches were around 60 cm high - 2 cm top and 58 cm leg height, over the years the fashion started to lower the furniture to a total height of 48 cm. Unfortunately, we are unable to advise you on what height would be best for you. Answer the questions posed above and draw your own conclusions. Measure or place, for example, books or a box of this height and see if this height table legs will be right for you.

What leg material to choose for the table?

We will make beech, oak and ash wood legs for you. Beech wood is considered to be a hard material and not very prone to denting, so it will last you for years. Oak and ash wood, on the other hand, have an amazing grain and colour, which can be beautifully highlighted with a clear lacquer or oil wax. Natural oak has a golden colour that is sure to give your interior a natural warmth.

How do you match table legs to the interior?

You will find a variety of designs from simple and classic to designs in different styles. The legs can be milled or turned, square or conical. It all depends on you. If you like simple, uncomplicated designs and Scandinavian style, look out for the cone model. If you have a modern glamour interior you might like the Snowman Bench leg, and if you are looking for a milled and classic leg look at the Luiza bench model.

You will find many table leg models in our range. We are constantly expanding it and introducing new designs. We are convinced that you will find something to your liking.

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