Table legs

Table legs

Table legs - make your table unique

Table legs always fall into the background. Most people focus on what the tabletop will be - slab, wood, stone. However, what will a beautiful living room, dining room in a newly decorated house and a table on plain legs be without character? It is the wooden legs that will make it special. The table is the showpiece of your room, well-chosen legs will determine the style and character of your interior. So go for the wow effect!

A table leg is a solid foundation for your table

Table leg It has to be sturdy, because it is the basis and foundation of the entire piece of furniture. I don't think anyone wants a table to come apart during a party or family dinner. You certainly don't want your table legs after a few months they would crack or lose their stability. That's why all our products are made of FSC-certified wood with the right moisture content. By choosing our wooden legs, you are guaranteed to enjoy a beautiful appearance and stability for years to come, despite the passage of time.

What is the height of the table legs?

Height table legs oscillates between 73 cm-74 cm. This is based on well-known standards. Most tables have a height of 75 cm-78 cm, depending on the thickness of the top you have chosen. The thinnest top that is used is 2 cm. When considering the height of the table, take into account the planned chairs. Will they have armrests? What is the height of the seat?

Find out at which table height you are most comfortable sitting.

Assembly and machining of table leg

There are two ways of mounting table legs. The first is to mount the leg directly to the tabletop, the second is to attach the leg to the drawer. Assembly is not difficult. Anyone, whether a carpenter in their own carpentry shop or a layman in the comfort of their own home, can handle it.

Each of our products is suitably prepared for further paint processing. The products we manufacture table legs are very well sanded so that they can go directly to the paint shop. However, it is not always necessary to varnish. Legs made of oak naturally have a beautiful grain and golden colour. Oiling oak legs will bring out the essence of their natural colour, plus protect them from the damaging effects of water.

In our range you will find a variety of models such as turned legs, milled legs, and Scandinavian style. We have created collections table legs, which have different heights and thicknesses so that all the furniture in your room is consistent. Check out the collection Louisa or collection Spider and many others available in our online shop.

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