About the company
About the company

Woodlegs manufacturer

Leaders in the production of wooden legs since 1995.

Our company is a leading manufacturer of wooden legs on the market. We have been operating since 1995 and have gained the trust of our customers thanks to the high quality of our products and our individual approach to each order. We have an extensive industrial park, which allows us to produce wooden legs of various, even the most complicated shapes and dimensions. As manufacturer of wooden legs We guarantee you that our products are made from the best types of wood, which guarantees not only a beautiful appearance, but also high durability and resistance to damage.

Our experienced staff take care of every stage of production, from the selection of the best raw materials to the processing and finishing of the wooden elements. Thanks to our commitment and advanced technology, we can realise even the most demanding projects in the field of production of wooden legs. We are proud of our work and the satisfaction of our customers, who are happy to return to us for repeat orders.

FSC certified


Woodlegs is proud to announce that it is FSC certified. This means that as manufacturer of wooden legs our products comply with the highest standards of sustainability and environmental protection. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification is an international forest certification system that determines whether timber production complies with the principles of sustainable forest management. The FSC monitors timber extraction processes to ensure that forests are not being destroyed, animals are not contributing to extinction and workers' rights are not threatened. Therefore, by choosing FSC-certified products, customers can be sure that they are helping to protect the environment and maintain ecological balance.

our craft

Learn about Woodlegs' production process

As manufacturer of wooden legs we will show you how the production of wooden legs looks like can vary depending on the application, style or finish. In general, however, the process production of wooden legs starts with the selection of the right quality of wood, which is then cut and machined into the right dimensions and shapes. Then, various techniques such as turning, milling, sanding or cutting are used to give the legs the right shape and finish. In the final production phase, the legs are usually varnished, painted or coated with a special oil to protect them from moisture, damage and ensure durability.


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