Furniture feet

Furniture feet

Furniture legs - their influence on the appearance of a piece of furniture

Furniture feet - Everyone treats them as an accessory to a piece of furniture, a small insignificant element. This is a big mistake - they are what give character to any piece of furniture. Think about it: what is a chest of drawers without feet? Does it impress you with anything? - No, which is why we have created a very large range furniture feet, which you will find in our online shop. As a manufacturer of wooden legs, we have ensured that there is a wide variety to suit everyone.

The products we produce furniture legs They vary in shape, width, height and the raw material used. You are sure to find a model that perfectly matches your favourite interior style. All furniture legs are designed for quick and easy installation using furniture accessories available in our shop. You will certainly be able to handle their installation without any problems.

Furniture legs - they will change the character of your furniture

Furniture legs are details that fulfil not only an important practical role, but also an important aesthetic one. Many of the sofas, armchairs, sofas, beds or chests of drawers on the market are equipped with basic and economical furniture feet. They lack expression and style, which is why many people choose to replace them themselves. furniture feet to a much higher standard.

You will find various models in our online shop furniture legsBoth straight, milled and turned. Straight legs in Scandinavian style, decorative legs in Art Deco style, Folkish style and turned legs in spherical shapes.

Raw material for furniture feet - an important element to pay attention to

It is an indisputable fact that furniture legs They are the foundation of every piece of furniture. Whether we are talking about a sofa, a chest of drawers, a bed, a wardrobe - they are the foundation of every piece of furniture. That is why it is very important that they are made of high-quality materials, robust and durable. And above all, they should ensure your comfort and safety for many years. For our production furniture feet we use FSC-certified wood, which is previously dried to our desired moisture content of 8-10%. Well-dried wood will not contribute to cracks and wobbly feet. But that's not all!

Nor are you restricted in your choice of material, we offer furniture feet made of beech and oak wood. Beech wood is characterised by its warm light colour. Oak wood, on the other hand, is distinguished by its characteristic grain and golden colour.

What to look for when choosing furniture feet? 

Choosing furniture feet you should pay attention to their height, which contributes greatly to the comfort of sleeping or sitting down. When you buy a sofa or bed from one of the chain shops, you will find that the furniture in question is too low or too high for you, which becomes uncomfortable for you to use. Our easy-to-assemble furniture feet are available in various heights and shapes. This will improve not only your comfort but also the design of the furniture, making it unique and tailor-made to your needs.

Take a look at our offer now and choose your model furniture legs perfect for you. From our side we guarantee you great quality, fast delivery, a product in accordance with the description and the photo shown on the website. Should you have any further questions, we remain at your disposal both by e-mail and by telephone.

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