Oak cutting board

Oak cutting board

An oak cutting board is the perfect gift for your contractor as well as a personal gift for your mother, aunt or grandmother! Give a beautiful, solid, natural gift that will last for years. We guarantee a smile on your face!

150.00199.00 gross per unit.

Solid oakland cutting board made using the cornice method. The cornice method guarantees us an extraordinary durable and long-lasting planks thanks to the arrangement of the fibres.

Each board is protected with food-grade oil.

The board stands on rubberised feet so that it does not slip on the worktop when preparing meals. Each oakland cutting board has milled handles for portability.

Material: natural oak wood

Dimensions: 35x25x4 cm

What distinguishes our oak cutting boards ?

  • the work surface is scratch-resistant;
  • The ability to seal microcracks from the knife;
  • does not dull knives;
  • made from natural products;
  • made from natural products;
  • bardso they can easily be restored to their original appearance
  • unique appearance, the board on the countertop will be a decoration in the kitchen

Beech, Oak

Beech legs available in stock are dispatched within 2 working days.
Oak legs are made to customer order. The lead time indicated on the website is calculated from the day the order is placed. Once an order has been placed, it is processed as quickly as possible. Please be patient in the run-up to Christmas. Do you want a specific date? Don't order at the last minute.

  1. Are the legs properly prepared for varnishing, oiling, staining?
    Yes, each of our products is properly prepared for varnishing, oiling or staining. Once you have received our table legs, table legs, furniture feet, you can proceed straight away without any additional sanding.
  2. Do the legs have jams and holes?
    No, because everyone has different ways of attaching the legs to the table. In the case of bulk orders, we make the jambs and holes according to the design on request.
  3. Can a leg fixing kit be purchased?
    Yes, we have ready-made mounting kits. These can be purchased from the Wooden Leg Mounting Accessories tab.
  4. Are the legs varnished or is it possible to varnish them?
    The legs that can be purchased on our website are not lacquered but very well prepared for lacquering. It is possible to varnish the legs when ordering bulk quantities.
  5. What is the shipping time?
    Any order that is placed by 10 o'clock will be dispatched on the same working day. If ordered after this hour, the order will go out the following working day. The courier delivers 1-2 working days.
  6. Is it difficult to assemble the legs?
    No, any carpenter can manage without a problem, however, if you don't have the ability to cut the legs or don't know how to do it please contact us.
  7. Is it possible to order a custom design for the leg?
    Yes, send your project to us by e-mail kontakt@woodlegs.pl. Indicate in addition what quantity is needed and what material it is to be made of - beech, ash, oak.
  8. Can the entire table frame be ordered?
    Yes, all you have to do is let us know what the tabletop dimension is, how many metres you want the table to extend to, we'll adjust it for you. If you know exactly what you need give us all the details.
  9. Is it possible to order a wooden top for the table?
    Yes, we make solid tops in beech, ash, oak. For further information and pricing please email kontakt@woodlegs.pl or call 507 352 694.
  10. Do you also make tables?
    Wooden tables are the beginning of our production, we still make bespoke tables to this day. Call 507 352 694 or write an email kontakt@woodlegs.pl what kind of table you need.

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